Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bikes, Buses or Vespas

Okay, it is time for some serious thought to the gas crisis. I filled up my car the other day which cost me $60. I just about died when I looked up and saw that my 14 plus gallon tank had consumed soooo much of my money!

I am trying to think of more economical ways of getting to work, but I keep coming up with "yeah, but...." after any of my ideas are thought about seriously.

Here are some of my ideas and my yeah buts. Let me know what you think I should do.


Ride a Bike to work
Ride the bus
Buy a Vespa
Walk I would have to leave at about 4am
Trade in my car
Change jobs

YEAH, BUT.....

There are a lot of hills between my house and work so riding a bike may be a challenge.
What if I get sick or an emergency comes up at work and I rode the bus...what would I do?
Though they are cute Vespa, being splattered all over the pavement has its drawbacks.
Walking....'nough said.
I really like my car, it has a lot of room, a huge sunroof and heated seats
I have been at the same job for 10 years, why change now.

Those are my ideas so far. Maybe I should ask for a cost of driving raise instead. I am sure that will go over well.


hyker said...

Don't quit your job. Don't trade in your car. Don't walk to work.....waaaay too far. Don't ride your bike. you don't want to show up at work all sweaty and gross. Don't get a vespa. Riding a vespa 4 miles in the rain doesn't really sound like a whole lot of fun. So I guess that leaves the bus. It can't be that bad. The bus stop is right next to your house. Think of all the people watching! You can also read and do crosswords. Maybe you should start off small. Maybe you should commit to taking the bus once or twice a week and see how it goes. It is worth a try.

mooney said...

Not a bad idea! Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

I've been reading up on scooters and vespas. Some of these things get upward of 70-75 miles a gallon...could be worth a look. Let me know if you ever want to visit a dealership, because I'd like to tagalong. ~Lucy

mooney said...

I will let you know. That is really good mileage!

Anonymous said...

I too vote for riding the bus. It's good for the environment and its good for your wallet. I'll even get you a fashionable Michael Jackson surgical mask to protect you (and others) during cold and flu season. (Sorry, just the mask. No sequined glove.)