Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm a __________ (fill in the blank)

Earlier today I took a road trip down to Puyallup to meet a friend for lunch. On my way I got to hour and a half drive, traffic, and good music will do that to a person. The thought of the day is what is it that defines me? This thought was really intriguing to me, we get so caught up in the "I'm a, dad, doctor, teacher, husband, wife, etc". I think we all have ideas of who or what we will be when we grow up and that phrase "I'm a...." is our way of stating our accomplishments.

What do we do though, when those hopes and dreams from our adolescence do not come to fruition. Is that when we say, "Oh, I'm just a...", as if to say, this is just a position that I am temporarily filling until the real one I am secretly holding out for comes to be? (Can you tell I majored in Sociology?) Don't even get me started on the societal pressures we place upon ourselves and as a result chose to do things that we may not otherwise have pursued. :)

Thus, I did not come up with any brilliant answers. Though I have a clear idea of what I want to be, but the "I'm just a..." is lasting longer than I expected and has unwittingly become my "I'm a..."


jillicious said...

i totally know what you mean...sometimes all people think is "oh you are a pastry chef", which i am, but i'm also much more. as much as i love what i do, it's not everything i am.

mooney said...

Exactly! You get how my brain works...yeah!!!! We all have so many different things that contribute to who we are, to try and condense it to just one thing is neglecting all of the other wonderful things that we have to offer.

hyker said...

I'm a loser. :(

mooney said... are not a loser!