Monday, July 6, 2009

Hair today gone tomorrow.

Today I went to see Tan, a new hairstylist at the recommendation of a good friend of mine. My first introduction to Tan happened over the phone when I called to set an appointment. What I heard was, "Pizza Hut, what can I get for you"? When I apologized for making an error in dialing, he said, "no, no, no, this is La Fashion, how can I help you"? Yeah...Not the best way to make a new client feel like they are going to be in good, professional hands.

While I was a little apprehensive about going to see a new hairdresser, my need to "pretty up" my drab looking hair prevailed. My first impression when walking into the closet they called a salon was, Oh my, what have I gotten myself into. There was dust all over the shelves, clipped hair residue clinging to the floor and, wait for hairdresser. Yeah, he forgot that I was coming.

So while I waited the ten minutes it took for him to race to the salon, I sat in an uncomfortable chair texting the friend who referred me to see if I was being punked. My patience was waning and I kept thinking about how I could submit this salon to the "Salon Makeover" show with Tabitha. She would rip them to shreds. As I contemplated leaving Tan walked in muttering something about the bridge and being distracted by it. He pointed to a seat and said, "okay". I reluctantly sat in the chair and proceeded to tell him what I wanted done to my hair. He went into great detail as to what he would do to make that happen, then walked away to get the ingredients needed to create the perfect hair color. Oh yeah, he mixed it all right there at the counter. I started to worry about whether or not he was going to cover me with a smock before doing the color or just risk it. I was envisioning giant globs of dye peppering my shirt and pants while he absentmindedly chatted and waved the brush around in the air to make his point. Thankfully, Tan came through, and my tye-dye dreams were no more.

I walked out two hours later feeling relieved and happy with the results of my hair. All was forgiven and even with all of the flaws, I would go there again. I would even recommend Tan to a friend, I would just warn them first.