Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Being Sick is no Fun!

So I have a friend of mine who is currently fighting a battle with breast cancer. I received an email from her today detailing the ups and downs of this disease. She has been quite possitive up until now. She is going on her third chemo treatment, and is really feeling the effects of it. I have been so impressed with how strong she has been throughout this process; she has been very honest about how she has been feeling and very rarely complains. I know that if it were me, I would be all about the complaining. :) She has lost her hair, lost her energy, and now has added blood clots in her retina which has limited her vision. Though she jokes about the free light show she is getting, I imagine that there is a fear that lingers behind the smile.
I give this blog today in honor of Diana, and hope that your thoughts and prayers will be with her to give her the strength she needs to continue this fight.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


I recently took a trip to Boston with a friend of mine. Here are some pictures of this historic city. With the help of Danielle, a friend who lives there, and a map, we trecked through the city following the Freedom trail. It is a good way to see the sites and a user friendly way to get around. The Freedom trail line is like a city guide for dummies; you'd have to be reeeeally slow if you get lost here.

I did it!

So after some encouragement from a friend, I have joined the masses and created my own blog. I am surprised to find that it did not require too many neurons to put this together. Thank the lord for templates!
Well, welcome to my site, I am going to see what other things I can do with it.