Monday, February 25, 2008

CAUTION!!! Objects may appear Larger than they really are!

Okay, those of you who read Jeff's blog will know that we are currently in the midst of our weight war. There will be hideous consequences, (ones we have not yet defined) for the one who does not lose 20lbs by July 1st.

Though my efforts have been valiant...they are currently being thwarted by a pesky tendinitis in my Achilles heel. I have been urged by my doctor to wear a lovely, HUGE, boot, which drastically reduces my ability to move. As I had previously worn the boot for about three months over the holidays, I was not thrilled to have to put it back on. I had one glorious month out of the boot, but alas, it has taken up residence again on my foot. I have one month to heal this bad boy before I start a workout class that is going to be really intense.

I have one of those unfortunate body types that requires exercise in order to keep the weight off, so this frustrates me A LOT! Anorexia is out of the question so I will have to figure another way to be healthy and still win this bet. What's one month really? Lets just call it a sebatical shall we. I will still have three and a half months to kick Jeff's butt.

If anybody has any ideas for hideous consequences for losing the bet, post them here. Some of our ideas have been; walk around greenlake in a really skimpy outfit (think speedo for Jeff), or going to a star trek convention with the loser dressed in a costume to be chosen by the winner, or...I can't think of any more. This is where you all come in. I look forward to your ideas.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

To have kids or not to have kids...that is the question.

I have recently been bombarded with, it seems, the plight of harried friends struggling with strong willed teenagers. Enough so, that it makes me wonder if having kids is really worth it. I can understand the allure, don't get me wrong. I love's when they grow up that scares me. To hear the horror stories of these teenagers turning into these sub-human aliens whose soul purpose in life is to remind their parents daily that they suck!

My good friend recently had to remove her daughter's bedroom door in an effort to stop her from sneaking out. Now the "child" in question can't understand why her mom is being sooooo mean to her. All I can say, is I'm so glad it's not me!

So just when I have made up my mind to avoid the whole "parent trap", a co-worker brings in pictures of his little boy who is all of 1 week old. I can see instantly why people would want children. You see in these babies such a pureness and a hope for all that is best in the world for them. You don't see the bad times to come, but the opportunity to teach them and give them the tools they need to make it in this life. So there may be a few years (hopefully less) of your child acting like an extra from the exorcist; but it will be worth it...right?

Friday, February 15, 2008

Hopefully this works

A week in review

I went to my first caucus last Saturday which was quite the experience. I was surprised to see the hoards of people rushing through the doors in an effort to make their voices heard. My fellow Americans were passionately discussing their political views attempting to sway others to vote their way. It felt good to be apart of a process that could help to make the freedoms we enjoy that much better.

In honor of this lovely experience I am including some pictures of my trip to Washington D.C.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Bahamas.....Take me away!

Here it is, the 4th day of February, looking suficiently gray outside, and I find myself dreaming of warmer climates, fruity drinks that come with umbrellas and the smell of coconut in the air. There is nothing better than laying on a sandy beach with the sun beating down on you to the point when you think you just can't take a minute more. As you are debating whether or not it is worth it to walk 5 feet to the shoreline to cool off in the luke warm bathtub they call an ocean; a welcoming cool breeze sweeps ever so gently accross your body, which lulls you back to your midday reverie. Is there anything better?