Monday, February 25, 2008

CAUTION!!! Objects may appear Larger than they really are!

Okay, those of you who read Jeff's blog will know that we are currently in the midst of our weight war. There will be hideous consequences, (ones we have not yet defined) for the one who does not lose 20lbs by July 1st.

Though my efforts have been valiant...they are currently being thwarted by a pesky tendinitis in my Achilles heel. I have been urged by my doctor to wear a lovely, HUGE, boot, which drastically reduces my ability to move. As I had previously worn the boot for about three months over the holidays, I was not thrilled to have to put it back on. I had one glorious month out of the boot, but alas, it has taken up residence again on my foot. I have one month to heal this bad boy before I start a workout class that is going to be really intense.

I have one of those unfortunate body types that requires exercise in order to keep the weight off, so this frustrates me A LOT! Anorexia is out of the question so I will have to figure another way to be healthy and still win this bet. What's one month really? Lets just call it a sebatical shall we. I will still have three and a half months to kick Jeff's butt.

If anybody has any ideas for hideous consequences for losing the bet, post them here. Some of our ideas have been; walk around greenlake in a really skimpy outfit (think speedo for Jeff), or going to a star trek convention with the loser dressed in a costume to be chosen by the winner, or...I can't think of any more. This is where you all come in. I look forward to your ideas.


Jeanna said...

Hikergirl! Hey, it's Jeanna (Jeff's friend and fellow blogger)!

I would LOVE to get an invitation to the speedo-clad walk around the lake on July 1, so if that happens make sure you announce it on the blog. Poor Jeff, I'm on your side here (women unite!) so I'll be trying to think of more hideous 'rewards.' about a billboard announcing the loser's height and weight with a picture in a bathing suit chosen by the winner? Cost: A lot of money, but so priceless really.

I shouldn't be offering suggestions, If I had to walk around a lake in a bikini I might finally be able to start losing the many, many pounds that plague me. I need a little humiliation to get the ball rolling.

mooney said...

I will certainly let you know and supply pictures when the winner is revealed.
I love your ideas, I fear, however that I may be the one doning the hideous outfit.
I have every bit of confidence that I will win....but just in case, I need to protect my assets so to speak.

hyker said...

I think your bikini should be hot pink.....or lemon yellow. That will really 'wow' the crowd at Greenlake.

Libby Lu said...

Sorry to hear about your achilles heel. I hope you heal soon and kick some butt. No ideas on the consquences...but I'll give it some more thought.

Rooting for you! Rah rah rah...go Dawn!!