Monday, February 23, 2009

The Lion King

Last Saturday I went to see The Lion King musical with one of my best friends. She got us the tickets for my birthday last July and we have been looking forward to going ever since. The days proceeding were filled with expectation and excitement. We had both heard that it was a great musical and judging by the ticket sales and sold out shows we went expecting A LOT.
The play started with a bang. The opening act was everything that we thought that it would be and more. The "animals" entered at the back of the theater and sauntered down the aisles to greet the new baby lion, Simba. The music was really beautiful and the sets pretty amazing. I understad why people are so enthrawled with this play.
Now, with that being said, I must say that I found myself nodding off during some of the scenes. While the costumes and music were incredibly well done, the story was...kind of boring. Things picked up a bit when Timone and Pumba entered the stage. They supplied a much needed laugh and put a little more life into the play. The story follows the movie fairly closely and if memory serves me correctly, I liked it.
Overall the play was kind of a dissapointment. Perhaps if we had gone into it with lower expectations we would have felt differently about it. I know that I am probably in the minority on this one but when you're watching a play and counting down the scenes in your mind before it is over, that is never a good sign. Again, the sets and costumes were hands down, some of the best that I have seen, but I left feeling underwhelmed by the story.