Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jeff's Birthday

This weekend started off with a bang when Lucy, Jeff and I headed to Teatro Zin Zanni to celebrate his 39th birthday. For those of you who have never heard of Teatro Zin Zanni, it is a combination of dinner theater, circus, and gymnastics. As you enter the large tent your senses are immediately put to work. The moulin rouge esque feel has you on high alert for fear you might miss some of the action if you are not paying attention. The performers are funny, talented and incredibly strong. We sat staring with our mouths gaping while we watched a couple perform a tango mid air. The meal that is provided has been given 5 stars, by whom I do not know, its just what they said in the advertisement. (Considering the fact that I probably wouldn't know the difference between a three or four star restaurant let alone a five star, it tasted good, so there you have it).

Jeff had several moments where he was in fear of being found out. He threatened to get me back BIG TIME if I mentioned that we were there for his birthday. It's probably a good thing I didn't say anything as Caesar, the "emcee" took great pleasure in pulling poor unsuspecting spectators from their chairs and into the spotlight. There were a few times when Caesar was searching for his next victim that Jeff was, I think, using the secret to keep him from being pulled up on stage. I can report that it worked because he stayed safely planted in his seat the whole time.

After being thouroughly entertained for three hours, Jeff and I headed up to Smokey Point to meet up with my little brother. Lucy decided to pass on the second part of our evening which was a trip to a haunted house to go ghost hunting. I know, I know, kind of an odd thing to do. My little brother has been getting into ghost hunting ala TAPS and asked if we could come along Friday night to help him out.

The house we went to had some sightings of a little girl. The owner (Mikey's co-worker) claimed to have heard a little girl giggling and singing lullabyes. I have to admit I was a little nervous at first and felt really dumb sitting in the dark talking to a wall. After we settled in, we all started getting into it. I have no idea what I would have done if we had gotten a reaction. (probably run screaming from the house like a little girl to hide in the car) We were able to debunk some of the claims as a result of her living on a busy street in a really old house. The evening was a bust and now we will never know what kind of ghost hunters we would be. I am secretly okay with that.

Jeff's birthday celebration was a lot of fun even though it ended with a no show of a ghost. It was 3am by the time we got back to the house, we were exhausted but it was worth it.

We continued the celebration Saturday afternoon with lunch at The Macaroni Grill, (another five star meal :)) where Lucy, Marly and her son Jett met us. Lunch was followed up with a trip to the theater to watch The Proposal. The movie is cute and Betty White is hillarious as usual. Later that evening Jeff and I met up with Lucy again to go for a walk at Discovery Park. We discovered a really long staircase in the woods that led us down to the water where we also discovered a lighthouse.

We finished the day sitting outside of a burger joint in Ballard where we ate dinner and talked for three hours. I think we finally dropped Lucy off at about 12:30am. I know that I am only 38 and can handle staying up that late, but Jeff is a feeble 39 years old now, he needs his sleep. :)

The weekend was great and as always I had a lot of fun hanging with friends and the man that I...(Jeff hates when I get mushy)