Saturday, March 1, 2008

Another Dead End

How many times have you been lost in a suburban landscape with houses and streets that look exactly the same? As you inch your car down the street straining your neck to try to read the upcoming road sign, you find yourself begging the sign to end your torment. An alluring street pops up from out of nowhere and you are certain that this is the right road for you so you turn only to find that the hidden street is yet another dead end. You turn around searching aimlessly for the way out of the complex grid of seemingly endless cement on the road ahead of you. While traveling down the road you turn down another street that seems to be the answer...the way to freedom and safety, your friends house is in sight so you can finally relax the death grip that you have had on the steering wheel and breathe again. You have found it, the haven you have been looking for! You congratulate yourself on your skills as a navigator, which you will no doubt brag about to your friends. So here it is, four hours later and your sitting in your car did I get here again, and better yet, how do I get out?

I have determined that my life is full of dead ends and wrong turns. More often than not, (thankfully) I find my way to the right place, but the journey getting there is not always pretty. My proverbial dead ends are surprisingly full of disappointment. You would think that after running into so many of them throughout my life I would cease to be affected by them. I suppose that is what makes us human, and if I never got lost I would have no need to celebrate the tiny miracles that get me from point A to point B.

This is my random thought of the day.


hyker said...

Wow. How enlightening. When did you become so zen in your thinking?

mooney said...

It was a weak moment, it won't happen again.