Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Sunny Day in Seattle!!!!!!

I am thrilled to announce that Seattle, yes Seattle has been exposed to the sun! Finally! I love how Seattle-ites welcome the sun. It doesn't matter how cold it actually is, if there is even a hint of a ray of sunshine, shorts are thrown on, tops on the convertible are down, everyone is calling in sick to work, and my favorite part...the smell of the charcoal being lit with the promise of good BBQ to follow.
I never think much about how I am affected by the rain and the gray, but as soon as the sun comes out I notice how much more energy I have and I just feel happier. I guess I have just gotten used to it, but I really, really love it when it's sunny! I am still a California girl at heart.


jillicious said...

i know exactly how your feel, since i am a pacific northwes neighbor who has had the same kind of weather. yesterday was beautiful here too, but today is even warmer!! the fact that my car doesn't have a working a/c isn't a problem. i'll gladly have the windows down as i drive. :)

jillicious said...

for the love, i was typing fast with such excitement, i missed the "t" on the end of northwest--my bad.