Monday, May 26, 2008

Speed Dating: It's not for wimps!

This weekend I went to a mid-singles conference here in Washington. The first evening we were given the opportunity to do some speed dating. I must say that I felt a little bad for the guys in that, because there were so few of them, they got stuck sitting in the room for hours talking to random women.

Here are some of the highlights of the ones I can remember.

One guy told me he was from Auburn, the town with the super mall. I said that I had been to there which was pretty cool. He said that it was lacking a Toys R Us. When I asked him if that was his favorite store, he told me that he was a HUGE Star Wars fan. (now I am not one to let a moment like this slip a way) I asked him if he had ever been to a convention, unfortunately he hadn't, they are a little too expensive.

Another lovely gentleman asked me if I was high maintenance. I said that I didn't think that I was, but someone else might think differently. :) What does it mean to be high maintenance anyway?

My favorite encounter of the evening was a guy we will call Darrell. Within the first 10 seconds of the 1minute time we were allotted Darrell told me to look into his eyes and said "these are the eyes of a broken down man who has been rejected and torn down". He then proceeded to tell me that because I was over thirty it was my responsibility to go after the men and ask them out. He then said that he would go out into the hall right this moment and get ten guys lined up for me to ask out. Needless to say I was slightly taken aback.

The rest of the weekend was not nearly as exciting. I went Kayaking on Saturday with a group in Elliot's Bay. It was a perfect day to be out on the water and made me revisit the possibility of buying a kayak. The conference ended Sunday with Sacrament, early dinner then a fireside in which Elder Pearson from the Quorum of the Seventy spoke. It was funny, he touched on all of the same topic Jill, Tiffany and I had been discussing all weekend. He basically told us to be obedient to avoid becoming discouraged and then falling away. It was definitely one of those talks that I needed to hear.

All in all the conference wasn't too bad. I got to get reacquainted with some old friends which was by far my saving grace. (I would not have lasted one night had they not been there) I don't know that I will ever go to one of these things again, but it is helpful to know that I am not the only single 30 something left in the church.


Libby Lu said...

Wow...speed dating. Poor broken down guy. It's hard out there isn't it. Sigh :-)

hyker said...

I am totally speechless.

mooney said...

That's a first!

jillicious said...

from your description, it was like i was there all over again! :)