Thursday, May 1, 2008

Duran Duran

Last night Jeff and I went waaaaay back, to a time when leg warmers were considered cool and the mullet was a good thing to have. We went to see Duran Duran perform at the Wamu Event Center.

While in my euphoric state of mind I was slapped into reality when, while people watching, I notice that everyone seemed really old. I was commenting on this shocking state of events when Jeff ever so kindly pulled me away from the world I like to call denial, by pointing out that, we too, are as old as these people I was so unkindly judging. He refused to listen to my very valid arguments and I eventually conceded his point. Secretly though, I still believe that we could not possibly be THAT old, or that we look much younger and dress better than our supposed counterparts, they had to be at least 3 years older.

Anyway, back to the actual concert.....It was GREAT!!!!! (Simon Le Bon used to be the man I was going to marry by the way). It was so good to be back in this world. They sound really good live and remixed some of their older songs which I can't wait to download.

Despite the rude awakening at the beginning of the night, Duran Duran was all I needed to improve my mood.


hyker said...

Yes, Duran Duran rocked the house! So good. I have been listening to them all day. And if it makes you feel least you are not as old as me.

Anonymous said...

whow her she comes watch out boy she'll chew you up shes a man eater. Wow the women of my dreams you sound like a dream do you want to go out sometime ? im rich and know software very well how about a cruise ? I have a big boat. tally me bannana the day light come and i wanta go home day isa day O

mooney said...

You are right...I'm not as old as you.

Anonymous said...

So in the beginning there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Bam my parents then had to deal with me. Thats right the pride of america the man of my wifes dreams and your hunky brother. Waiting to walk you down the aisle. I will marry you off to the highest bidder in ak they used to use cow or ducks thing's of that nature to buy thers wives. But a nice cool one will be just fine here is to our trip of trip'en on our cruise i will try to fight off all the boys that will want your number because your to good for all of them.

Anonymous said...
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