Sunday, January 25, 2009

An evening with Marc Broussard

Last night I went to see Marc Broussard play at the Show Box with some friends. We started the evening by having dinner across the street at The Pike. (They have the best food!) We finally made our way over to the concert at about 7:30pm. We quickly found our place on the floor and eagerly waited for the first act to come on. The last time I was here was probably three years ago, seeing the same performer. At that time I had never even heard of Marc Broussard. By the end of that evening I became a fan and was looking forward to seeing him again.

The first performer J. Hoge went on at 8pm and wasn't....bad. He was constantly plugging his cd (that we could purchase in the back) and promoting his upcoming tour. He also repeated his name several times and unfortunatly I can't remember it. He struggled to hit the higher notes and was a little flat at times but he had a really fun personality which made his set more enjoyable.

The next performer was Jessie Bayler. I really liked her voice however, most of her music is mellow and as a girl who is not used to being out much past 11pm I needed all the help I could get just to stay awake.

As the evening progressed we encountered some of the strangest people who all seemed to gravitate towards us. One guy we nicknamed elbows because he kept elbowing everyone around him including a VERY patient Lucy. He was killing me. He would close his eyes and just start dancing like he was the only one in the room. Oh, and he had no rhythm which made it even funnier. The other guy who decided that we would be a fun group to hang with we nicknamed Bollywood. He would yell out yeah at the most inappropriate times and sang louder than the performers and was flaaaat! At one point I had to ask him to be quiet so that we could hear Marc sing. I thought that Rachelle (sorry if I am spelling that wrong) was going to throttle him. At one point she was yelling at him to get off of Lucy because he kept dancing really close to her. Lucy, by the way was totally oblivious to him. There were a few other interesting "folk" there but they were quickly forgotten when Marc Broussard entered the room.

After waiting patiently for the roadies to break down the set and prepare for the next set Marc Broussard came on with energy, excitement and that amazing voice. I can honestly say that he brought the house down. He played for over an hour and could have gone on for more. We all remarked afterwards that he thoroughly enjoys what he is doing. He was smiling almost the whole time, he interacted with the crowd and performed with so much energy that it would have been difficult not to be affected by it. When he came out for his encore he sang the two songs that he wrote for his son and daughter which were really sweet. The final song was a new one all about funk. It had that "We want the funk" vibe which was a great song to end a great show with.

We all walked away entertained and maybe a little tired but it was well worth it.


Jeanna said...

I wanted to address your addiction to liquid Satan....

I am off all carbonation as a result of my stomach surgery and I really feel healthier without it. Isn't that interesting? I think soda really is a bad, bad deal, even the diet stuff.

There are a few sugar-free Crystal Light type drinks, wal-mart's brand is pretty good. I enjoy those when I need flavor.


mooney said...

Thanks for the advice. I have been off of soda for almost a week and it is getting better. I am finding that I really like water and am doing okay with that for now. I will have to try the Crystal Light too.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE MARC BROUSSARD! I could have listened to that man sing all night. BTW Peter Pettigrew is Josh Hoge and the gal was Jessie Baylin. Again, I love the man, the voice that is MARC BROUSSARD ~llp