Monday, October 6, 2008

There's nothing like fall in Seattle

The leaves have turned and the sun has retreated to some lucky part of the world where summer is just begining. I think that there is something I like about each season. The summer, for obvious reasons; Fall, I love the change in the trees, the colors are so vibrant. There is something about the change of the leaves that signals a new year ahead with new possiblities and fresh starts. Winter brings snow which I think has a slightly magical feel to it. Snow also means skiing and snowshoeing. Spring makes me the happiest of all the seasons. The days get longer and I love walking out of work to the sun going down and smells of BBQ (the charcoal kind) wafting through the air.


hyker said...

I am a Spring/Summer kind of guy. Fall/Winter pretty much sucks.

mooney said...

I think I like spring and fall the best.