Sunday, October 19, 2008

Road Trip to Forks

(We thought the sign was really funny. Thankfully we didn't have to go back a second time).

My friend Lucy and I decided to take a small road trip last Saturday to the Olympic National Park. The photo above is of a port-a-potty we, sadly, had to visit on our way over. In our defense, we had been driving for a couple of hours and this was the only "bathroom" we could find....and we were desperate!

We set out early where we took a ferry from Edmonds over to Kingston to begin our 3hour drive to Forks, Washington. Yes, you heard me right, Forks. For those of you who have read the Twilight books, you will know exactly why Lucy and I chose Forks as our destination. I, myself have not read these books, but Lucy has filled me in on all of the details, so a trip to Forks sounded like fun.

I must say, Forks do I say this? Disappointing. It was a really small town where we located only a few of the places made famous by the book. There were some funny signs making references to characters in the books that people put in their front windows, but other than that it seemed no diffrent from other small towns. I don't know exactly what I was expecting but we didn't even get out of the car. After a few minutes of roaming the town, we decided to head back to LaPush where the beach is and check it out. It is worth noting that when we pulled up to the beach there was a man there selling Elk jerky...yummy! Lucy and I spent about an hour here walking on the beach collecting rocks. Lucy was like a little kid, with pockets full of the little white rocks she was collecting.

This is the view from the beach at LaPush.

No worries....we saved the starfish. We helped him find his way back to the ocean.

What is wrong with this picture?

Lucy's precious stones!

After hanging out at the beach we decided to head back to Port Angeles to check out the crab festival they were having. (Unfortunately I am allergic to shell fish so I was unable to indulge). After wandering around the many booths that were selling homemade arts and crafts and checking out the food, Lucy and I decided to finish our evening eating at...yes, you guessed it, Bella's restaurant, another of the places made famous by the Twilight series. The food was decent, slightly over priced but the people watching was great. Random groups of people would stop and take pictures in front of the restaurant, which we found amusing. I offered to take a picture of Lucy at the restaurant to document this momentous occasion, but she said she was good.

After a lovely day spent visiting the small towns across the water we decided to head back to Kingston to catch the ferry. Unfortunately, Lucy and I took a wrong turn somewhere along the way and ended up in Port Townsend. Sorry to say we didn't spend much time there sight seeing as it was getting dark and we had no idea of where we were in respect to Kingston. We stopped at a less than clean gas station and asked for directions and quickly headed back the way we came. Once we found HWY 101 we were golden, and got to the ferry 20min before it was set to depart.

We ended our busy day with a trip to B&R to fuel up on ice cream. All in all it was a great way to spend a Saturday. Good friend, good food, quaint towns to visit, and lots of laughter!


hyker said...

Next time: More Port Townsned and less Forks and you will have a lovely time.

jillicious said...

i have a question about the first would they know if you went a second time? and do they take credit cards or cash only? :)

mooney said...

LOL! We weren't sure about the cost of a second admission. Thankfully we didn't have to find out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for driving! I had a fabuloso time! Horrible bathrooms and all. Plus the "Buns of Steel" walk on the beach made up for the fact that I skipped on my class that morning. ~llp

Libby Lu said...

lol on that sign. I'm wondering how they'd know too...I'm thinking I'd hesitate to use the facilities for fear of cameras. YIKES!

It does remind me of our hiking trip (you, Pam, Aimee and me) and our picture under the Virgin sign. I will have to find it, scan it and email it to you.