Monday, September 1, 2008


If you are a reader of Jeff's blog, then you will already know all about our latest camping/hiking trip. Here are just a few more pictures from our trek. I think this is up there with one of my favorite hikes. It was fascinating learning about a time when life was about industry and innovation. We scoured the sides of the trails looking for evidence of the small town that used to exists there. We found some old foundations and made an attempt to identify what it could have been. (we think it was the old bunk house)

The sad part of the story is the fact that so many people died due to an avalanche. It was a little eerie knowing that we were walking on a path where such a tragedy happened. We had hiked down to Scenic to check out the Caboose that they have there and ran into a couple of older men whom we happened to meet at the start of our hike. The cool thing is; Jeff decided to stop and look at the sign in log to see where people were from. What we found was one signature that said grandson of Sid Jones from the Wellington disaster. I am convinced that the grandson was one of the two men that we kept running into. When Jeff went home he checked to see if Sid Jones had been one of the many who perished back in 1910. I was hoping he would have been one of the people who survived but unfortunately he wasn't that lucky.

Okay, enough of the history lesson. If you are interested in learning more about Wellington there is a book written about it called, "The White Cascade".


hyker said...

I'm actually thinking about going back and doing some more hiking in the area before winter hits. This was a fun one.

mooney said...

I want to go back after I read the book.