Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A week with Ebony

This last week I had the pleasure of taking care of a co-workers dog who is...you guessed it, named Ebony. Ebony is a 6yr old black lab who lives for fetching tennis balls and taking invigorating walks. I decided to "borrow" Ebony for a week to see if I was ready to get a dog of my own. I wanted to test the waters so to speak, to make sure that I was ready to make a commitment, and get a dog of my own.

While I did enjoy coming home from work to find her sooooo excited to see me, I found that my long hours at the office made me worry about leaving her alone. I also liked taking her out for long walks, even though she really was walking me. (that dog almost knocked me to the ground! I wasn't paying attention and she decided the cat down the street needed to be barked at and took off)

While I enjoyed having Ebony for the week, I have come away from this experience knowing that I will not be getting a dog anytime soon. It isn't that I don't want one, I just found that I really had a hard time with all of the fur that had taken up residence on my couches, beds and floors. I also learned that I am allergic to dogs.

I am thankful that I had the chance to try out a dog before getting one. It would have been pretty hard to get attached to one just to have to give it up do to allergies. I wish there were other things that I could test out before I bought them.


hyker said...

Good to know. Dogs are a lot of fun but also a lot of work. I'm happy with my new arrangment with my bro's dog.

mooney said...

Yeah, you have the ideal situation. Borrow the dog when you want it, but return it when you are done.

Jeanna said...

Hey! I think dogs are great, but we had one for a weekend once and I think I might be allergic too. We have a cat (which I am sure is naturally offensive to someone who wants a dog) and the fur drives me nuts. When this cat goes the way of all the earth, we will not be replacing him.

mooney said...

I really like cats too, but I am soooo with you on the fur front.