Saturday, March 6, 2010

Week Two-where did all that weight go?

Yeah...still on my hips! I went to my second meeting at weight watchers this morning. I must admit that I was feeling a little nervous about what my results were going to be. Honestly I was not my best this week. I was fairly certain that I had gained at least 5lbs over the week because of a very stressful time at work and a lot of evenings out at various restaurants around town. Gathering up my courage, I donned the lightest clothing humanly possible without showing up in a bathing suit, and headed out.

When you walk into the weight watchers building the first thing you see are the scales on the floor just waiting, mocking, I mean waiting to be stepped on. There are very friendly people standing behind the counter her encourage you to get on that scale and share your triumphs or failures with you. The interesting thing is that you do not see any numbers, the person behind the counter knows the truth and marks it down in your weight tracker. For all I know, they could be fudging the numbers a bit. I am going to assume that they are honest mainly because I did not gain 1 single pound this week. I did not lose either, but I am okay with that.

I must say that this new journey that I am on does not come without its challenges. I struggle with figuring out the points when I don't know the exact calories of things but I try. I have found motivation through random friends who are in the battle as well and are pushing through those trying times.

My quote of the week comes from Shannon who just this morning said, "Remember, it's never failure. Just information."


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