Sunday, December 6, 2009

An afternoon with local celebrities.

About a week ago I had the unique opportunity to attend a bowling charity event with local celebrities. The charity raised money for a local homeless shelter as well as a cat rescue program. My co-worker Janice and I went together and were very excited to find out who we were going to bowl with.

We got to the bowling alley a little bit early which in hind sight I was thankful for. I was eager to pick out my ball and get settled in so I convinced Janice to follow me down to where we could pick out the lightest balls possible. (yes I am a wimp)This is where I had my "Bridget Jones" moment. Yes, I managed to make a fool of myself once again. I had made a sudden stop to turn around and say something to Janice and as I did so my ankle turned in my Danskos. The next thing I know I am stumbling down these steps, hearing loud gasps in the background as I continue to try to catch my fall. I eventually came to a stop but not before hit a table then landing on the floor in the Superman in flight position. As I lay there stunned all that I could think about was, "I cannot believe that just happened, get up, get up"! As I peeled myself off of the floor and came to a sitting position in a nearby chair a man that I had met ten minutes earlier yells across the room, "Dawn, I saw you fall, you okay"? To which I replied, "Just trying to make an impression".

My arm hurt SO bad but I was not about to let something as silly as a possible broken arm to stop me from bowling with a local celebrity. The day did not disappoint! Three hours later and having laughed and enjoyed my time bowling with none other than Cisco, the garden guy, the peanut guy and a Sea Gal. My arm was hurting so bad by the end of the three games that I could barely lift it to clap for my teammates.

I tried to go to get my arm checked at the walk in clinic but it was closed. So I went home, took some drugs and went to bed. The next day I got in to see the doctor who took x-rays of my shoulder and found....nothing! All of that pain for nothing! I guess my arm is just really bruised, but I got stuck wearing a sling and was told to do as little as possible in the week to follow. I did what the doctor ordered for about a day and a half then couldn't take it anymore. It was too cumbersome so I took it off. My arm still hurts a little bit but it is better for the most part.

So there you have it, my exciting introduction into the world of celebrity charity work. So much fun despite the pain.


Jeff said...

Yes, that is very Bridget Jones esque but at least you got to meet Cisco.

mooney said...

That's true, and I didn't show my underwear!

Jon Caldwell said...

"Just trying to make an impression!" I love it! Glad you're okay!!