Monday, November 9, 2009

Case #0002 The Second Flood

Okay, so I had yet another flood in my basement. This time no appliance was involved, only mother nature and a clogged drain. I woke up at midnight to find 2 inches of water flowing through my Kitchen, guest bedroom, bathroom and living room. After spending an hour getting the water out with a wet/dry vac I headed to bed thinking about what lay ahead of me the next day.

We have this wonderful gardener/handy man names Oswaldo who rushed over to save the day. He spent the day sucking out the water that remained from the night before and did a great job. The carpets finally finished drying yesterday so I have spent today cleaning, rearranging and throwing things out. The carpets will probably need to be replaced at some point but thankfully it can wait.

I have to say that the damage could have been so much worse and I really feel like we were be watched over. Looking back in hind sight, there were so many warnings that went ignored such as a niggling in the back of my mind that said I should check the drain. We had half of the power in the house go out. It was this that prompted my dad to come down stairs and check the breaker box. Had the whole house lost power he would have ignored it. It was because of this that he noticed the water coming into my part of the house.

All I can say it that I am grateful, and that I will pay more attention to the promptings that come my way.

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