Thursday, April 17, 2008

Eke! Spiders

Okay, so, over the last two days I have found not one but two HUGE spiders crawling around my floor. These are the kind of spiders that not only squish when squashed, but make a crunching sound and leave a nasty residue that you have to wear gloves to clean it up!

These spiders are creepy, they know when they are being hunted, you can tell by the way they zig zag accross the floor in an effort to throw you off. I hate killing them, only because I am afraid that if I miss I could have a ticked off, sinister, evil spider trying to get you....or worse...they disappear. That is enough to keep me up all night, it coming for me?

I am not embarassed to say that while I smashed the life out of these mamouth spiders, I kindof screamed. They were gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where are the men when I need them?


hyker said...

Do you ever wonder where the spiders are when you sleep? They could be crawling right across your face and you wouldn't even know it. Something to think about. Pleasant dreams.

mooney said...

Thanks for that!